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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Velvet Shrug

This was a fun little commission piece I did this week for a young mother in my neighborhood. The velvet is repurposed, from some vintage curtains that she trimmed to fit her dining room windows, and it's lovely stuff! Soft, not too thick, and holds it shape be-yew-ti-fully. (She agreed to give me a bit of it so I could make my own vest/shrug, as I'd fallen so in love with this one.) I made the pattern in imitation of another little shrug that she owned - that one was also velvet, but unlined and with different details. The fantastic silvertone button was supplied by the customer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Retro Wedding Dress

A little 1960s influence in a silk twill, knee-length dress. (The customer tells me she's wearing a little pillbox hat with it. Yippee!)

(Had to take the photos at night, unfortunately, but at least it was a nice, light-catching fabric!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

You Are Feeling GOOD Today!

I remember a sweet, mentally-handicapped man that used to work in my college cafeteria. He loved seeing girls wearing long, flowing skirts and dresses - it entranced him - and one day I walked in wearing one. He bounded over to me. "Hi! You are?" he asked. "I'm Bekah," I introduced myself (for the 480th time). "HI!" he repeated, adding, "You are feeling GOOD today!"

Which may have been one of the coolest compliments I've ever received.

And that is an almost completely unrelated story to what I came in here to tell you, which is, "Lookee what one of my lovely customers sent me! It's a link to the really fantastic photos from her wedding, and she's actually wearing a dress I made! IN the PICTURES! And she added this fantastic little yellow cardigan/bolero thing that I am STOKE-ED about!"

...ahem. Yes. As I promised, here is the link to the photos. With major thanks to the (beaming, beautifully unique) bride and the (very talented and polished) photographer for their generosity in letting me show off how good we all feel.

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