Enjoying the chill in the air and dreaming up designs in velvet and wool.


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Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses are my favorite projects. I delight in helping the bride design a unique gown that compliments her personality and body. A wedding dress is a workhorse - it has to be strong, standing up to the rigors of photos, ceremony, and reception; flattering, drawing attention to the bride rather than itself; beautiful, helping the bride feel and appear as the chosen jewel that she is.

"Having Bekah Tuggy make my wedding dress was possibly the best decision I made about the wedding next to accepting the groom's proposal. She really listened to everything I had to say about my dream dress, asked questions to help me articulate further my ideas, collaborated with me and truly made my perfect dress. I would recommend her work to anyone. She works with an architectural eye for detail and fit. Being with her was always a low stress point in my week because of her positive and uplifting attitude. She's like a superhero!"

- N.L.B. from Washington, DC

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"I got so many compliments on my wedding dress; many told me it was the most beautiful and unique gown they had ever seen. Even my mother, who was skeptical about the cost-effectiveness and viability of having my wedding dress made during my short, four-month engagement, was completely thrilled."

-C.M. from Chattanooga, TN  

"It is PERFECT. I cannot possibly say enough nice things about Bekah and her astounding sewing skills. She took two unrelated pictures and a vague description and turned them into the perfect wedding dress in less than a month. It was a wonderful experience--Everyone should work with Bekah!"

-B.G. from Chicago, IL 

"I can't begin to describe the experience with Bekah. She took my dream dress that sat jumbled around in my head, pulled it out, made a sketch, and made it into reality. This IS my PERFECT wedding dress. Bekah is a perfect joy to work with. The price was very reasonable considering it is handmade, and is in the median range of what you'll find at a chain bridal store. I can't WAIT to wear it on my special day next weekend!"

- L.H. from Lafayette, IN

Also, having been a bridesmaid multiple times myself, I have a keen interest in helping the bridal party look and feel their best during a long day of emotional pep talks, crisis solving, errand running, scene setting, small talking, dancing, and party cleanup! Bridal attendants aren't paper dolls, and their dresses should not be made with a cookie-cutter.

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