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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Her Great-Grandmother's Brooch

"The first decision I made in planning my wedding was that I wanted Bekah to make my wedding dress. After seeing her beautiful work on a friend's wedding gown, I knew that I wanted to work with her to create my own, uniquely me garment..."

(Click on the photos for high-quality images and zoom!)

Ladies in Red

A talented bridal party of uniquely beautiful women + cherry-red silk dupioni = one happy seamstress.

(Click on the photos for high-quality images and zoom!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Navy One-Shoulder Sheath

This was the second time I'd worked with these materials...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Catie's Wedding Dresses

Plural, because I made six dresses for her wedding.

Here is one.

(and a half, because I altered the one I'm wearing.)

(That's me on the bed.)

(I got terrible wrinkles in my vintage sky blue acetate-and-lace gown, just for relaxing for a few minutes like that. The nerve.)

And here are some of the bridesmaids. The strapless dresses are the Eclair pattern, unaltered, that was also the basis for my flower dress in the previous post. The pleated-ruffle-collar dress is a pattern of my own making (I got some basic dimensions from Simplicity #2497.)

I will be posting some good, up close images later on of all the dresses - I have to get them from the incredible photographers who sensibly protect their photos on their websites from nefarious photo-stealing people like myself. They didn't protect a few of their Facebook postings, which is how I stole these, but they are my personal friends and will forgive me.

Photos (so far) by photolodico. More to come from both her and redleafphotography.

A Dress For Me

Every now and then I take time to make something pretty for myself. This was a combination of "I really would enjoy a new dress" and "gaaaaah why can't I go to sleep when I have to be up early for church band practice in the morning."

So I opted for little sleep and a lot of fun.

This photo courtesy of Red Leaf Photography.

I've been busy...

So. Five months between posts doesn't mean I haven't been doing stuff. Here goes...

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