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Saturday, July 9, 2011



Things are being moved and shifted all around me, and while I still know which end is up, it's all a leetle disorienting. A recap:

  • I've dropped the Clever Fingers shop and name. It served me well, but for several reasons, it was time to move on. You'll notice that it's still in the banner heading of the blog here - I'll get to that in a second.
  • I have a new website being built around my new brand, Laurel & Fife. I'm very excited about this - besides getting away from the unreliable-ness that *ahem* has plagued my current blog, the new website will be much more functional and sleek. (I'll still have a blog because, let's face it, it's not enough for me to post photos and information - I have to gush over how much fun I get to have doing this stuff, and love showing y'all inside looks at how it's done in the hopes that several of you will take the plunge into making your own clothing, too!) Anyway, the site will be going live within a month, so I'm just leaving everything around here as-is until we make the move. I won't just delete this blog without warning, but if you want to know when the new site goes up, you can sign up to be notified at www.laurelandfife.com.
  • I think I can say this again now without squealing and jumping around the living room...I am participating in Atlanta's The NotWedding in a week and a half. "Participating" in this case means "providing the sole wedding gown for the occasion and having a blast at the awesome party that is The NotWedding."

    (....yeah, nope, there were some undignified noises and bouncing in my seat.)

    So - I'm not making the design public yet, but here's a little look at the pattern-making stage of it. 

(Can I just say that water-disappearing fabric markers are my BEST FRIEND at the moment? I mean, apart from my superfantastic Gingher shears you see there, that a friend gave me, that make me giggle when I think about them. Cutting with those things is like buttah.)

So, yes, things are moving and about to move more, but I will keep you all in the loop!

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