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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kids, Puppies, Dirt, and Glossy Catalogs

I often wonder if I'm doing the right thing by bringing more "stuff" into the world. While I see a lot of my sewing work as redemptive - helping people feel beautiful and valued and cared-for, helping rightfully honor and celebrate events like weddings and baptisms that have cosmic-level meaning - I have this current of guilt that sometimes runs through all the self-promotion I do for my work. Encouraging people to buy. Urging people to acquire something. And yes, my clientele are those that are looking to buy already - but that's beside the point.

I read a great blog this morning about the contrast between the joy of an impoverished child and her dog, and the sometimes disturbing marketing techniques of some of the magazines that many of us adore. It reinforced to me that the difference between consumerism and simply valuing quality in moderation has an awful lot to do with what's in our hearts. It reminded me and encouraged me in what I really want to do, whether it's with my hands and scissors and fabric, or with my smile, or with my prayers. I want to live as a conduit of the grace and joy that has been given to me. I want the choices I make to be derived directly from this way of living. If my craft were taken away from me this afternoon - if I lost my arms, or eyes, or words - I want to know that the primary ways that I help create beauty in this world would still be open to me.

And now - back to the sewing machine. I have a quilt for a precious little man that I need to finish up.


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