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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alaska and clothing I've never seen before

This, friends, is a kuspuk.

Like "cuss-puck." Yep.

Apparently, they were made to wear on top of furry parkas - like so.

I'm with my dad and sister in Nome, Alaska (population 3,500 or so - it's a tiny little place. But Wyatt Earp's old run-down summer house, aka shack, is here - we went inside, even though it's about to fall over) and at the church service on Sunday we saw probably 1 out of every 5 women/girls wearing kuspuks, in lightweight cotton prints, over their t-shirts. It's not really cold here yet, only about 29 degrees in the morning, getting so balmy in the afternoon that I can wear my down vest without my polarfleece jacket on top of it. The garment baffled me a little, since it didn't seem to contribute much in the way of warmth. They do have great big pockets and look a little bit like aprons that cover your arms and your back.

But I can understand the desire to cover up your cold-weather-wear with bright colors. Up here, it makes sense. Most of the houses are painted bright colors...red, deep turquoise, lots of bright sky blue, with contrasting sills and frames on the windows, doors, and eaves. You've got to have some way of relieving the monotony of the snow for the months and months of winter. Especially when it gets to February and the sun comes up at eleven a.m. and goes back down again at three o'clock in the afternoon. Making the most of the daylight with the brightest, happiest colors you can probably augments the effect of the tiny amount of vitamin D one can absorb on the tip of your poor little blue nose as it sticks out of your furry hood!

When I return, I will tell the tale of my latest wedding-gown-turned-party dress, and soon, my latest new gown design will be up in the shop - think silk. Think sleek lines. Think mission-style furniture. I'll see you all when I am back from the Arctic circle!



Anonymous September 21, 2011 at 2:43 PM  

Can't wait to see this new wedding dress! Sounds very intriguing! ~Aunt JOY

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