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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Postcards from a Scattered Month

Well folks,

I'm doing the last little bit of writing and photo-uploading that we need to do to get the new site launched. It's been a crazy August - here's a little of what I've been up to!

- Getting ready to head to Oregon and Alaska...tomorrow...which I'm STOKED about. I love OR and have a billion friends and family up there that I am eager to see, and the Alaska leg of the trip will be with my sister, my dad, an uncle, and a few people I haven't yet met. I am thrilled to see a completely new-to-me part of the country - and wear winter clothes even though it's still summertime in Tennessee - and spend two weeks reading and looking at mountains and talking and playing card games and whatever else we'll be up to. I promise pictures when we return!

- Juggling what has felt like three thousand small projects - cotton vacation clothing on its way to Hawaii...another delicate baptismal gown for a special little boy...a wedding gown transformed into an almost unrecognizable new party dress...little "lovie" blankets in silky charmeuse and soft minky for another dear new baby in the world...designing a couple of spandy-new wedding gown styles...sourcessnatching moments here and there to edit photos...getting together the official Laurel & Fife mailing list...

- Helping a friend move to Vermont (and missing her terribly), seeing a roommate off on a crazy 8-week wilderness adventure (and missing her too), having an old friend visit (and making up for lost hugs), hosting a fabulous Greek Food Night with the usual girls (and attempting the most ambitious pastry crust I've ever tackled...and having it turn out quite edibly!)

There's an awful lot of "-ing" words up there. However, there has been time for a little reading, resting, chilling, and just being this month, too - even if snatched over cups of tea and coffee just here and there. But my peace this morning was shaken up; not by anything bad, but by the exciting mention of my work over on the Wedding Chicks Blog - so fun! I also have a couple of secret projects up my sleeve that you'll be hearing more about in coming months. 

See you soon - with stories from the Northwest. =)



Sarah R. September 8, 2011 at 9:56 AM  

i have always wanted to visit the northwest and alaska. enjoy!

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