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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Dress For Me

Every now and then I take time to make something pretty for myself. This was a combination of "I really would enjoy a new dress" and "gaaaaah why can't I go to sleep when I have to be up early for church band practice in the morning."

So I opted for little sleep and a lot of fun.

This photo courtesy of Red Leaf Photography.

This started out as a package of cotton/linen curtains I bought from Wal-Mart about ten years ago and never used.

I added some fabric samples from when I was deciding what to reupholster my couch with...

And a clip-on earring I impulsively bought at a thrift store last fall. (I still have the other one and will gladly work it into a dress for someone else.)

The pattern is freely altered from a Colette Patterns original (the Eclair dress; a pattern I adore and have used many times to good effect. Colette Patterns rock. The directions are clear, well-illustrated, thorough and sensical, and come in a pretty little bound-pamphlet format with a pocket in the back to store them. Would that all patterns were so wonderful.)


faith July 24, 2010 at 5:00 AM  

i once made overalls from a curtain. the effect was quite different. your dress is beautiful beyond measure (and thrifty and recyle-y) my overalls were powder blue sheer cotton wrinkly stuff. they fell apart (and, apparently, were see-thru, but i was not aware at the time.) i love you and your clever fingers.

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