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Monday, June 7, 2010

I've been busy...

So. Five months between posts doesn't mean I haven't been doing stuff. Here goes...

A quilt square for one of this year's Chattanooga City Quilts (they have to make more than one because we have too many neighborhoods for one quilt.) I got to do the square for our lovely little neighborhood of St. Elmo!

We were given specific instructions about the composition of the quilt. It had to be a "log cabin" square; the pattern was given to us. But we were allowed to use what colors, applique, embellishments, etc. that we wanted.* And yes, all of the pieces were individually appliqued before I attached them to each other. I did the finishing top embroidery after the block was assembled.

The inspiration came from the St. Elmo logo -

As well as the general feel of the architecture around the neighborhood (many, if not most, of the houses were built in the 1900-1930s.)

The light is a bit wonky in the photograph; the sky, Lookout Mountain skyline, and St. Elmo roofline are actually shades of sky-turqoise blue, more similar to the logo than it appears here. The square was a lot of fun to make (thanks to Wonder-Under and the marvels of personal computers and printers...) and I am privileged to represent my community with my work!

And no, it didn't take me five months to make a 12"x12" quilt square. More posts to come on what else I've been sewing.

*Note: I tea-dyed fabric for the first time on this project - the white-with-lacy-print and tan-with-lacy-print fabrics are the same as each other. Fortunately the absurdly large tea collection in my dining room drawers came in handy and the tan dye turned out exactly as I had hoped.


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